Postcard printing and sending generally comes with a month’s contract for services, so these are great tools to send out a timely message, for example, a discount period that comes with a close deadline.


Use Them Multiple Times


Though post cards are mostly used as advertisements for services, they can be used for multiple purposes. Use them to announce new products, discounts and sale, for cut out coupons, entry pass to an event or even as a gift certificate.


Headline Matters


Keep your headlines short and use bold fonts. The message should be short and direct. With a postcard you are not for trying to close a deal for a sale, but generate an interest in the product or idea. Don’t try too hard to on making it look like another advertisement. Make it a subtle, feel good reminder of your brand.


Use Both Sides


To get maximum usage, use both sides of the postcard. The back containing the addresses may include your contact details while you can adorn the front with attractive photos and catchy sales lines.


Do not use technical language. Not everyone wants to all the background details of your products. Keep the information relevant and think carefully how you can narrow down the points that benefit the reader directly. Keep the tone conversational. Try and make it sound more like a one to one discussion. Thanks to the state of the art printers and advanced graphics these days, you can make it as colorful and vibrant as you imagine it to be.

Marketing means flexibility, it means following the trend but also, sometimes breaking the trend and becoming a trendsetter. While you are right in thinking email and online marketing is fast and cheap, remember you don’t want to miss out on the section of people who don’t use the internet, don’t read online advertisements and are those more likely to be doubtful about placing an expensive order to a company they have just known virtually. Placing your post cards in their hands will make sure you run a chance of winning them over.


Not all brochures have to follow the same standard size.  Your brochure for an anti – ageing cream can come shaped like the product container. Think innovative and relevant, practical and colorful to stand out in the crowd.  Put in useful information and great tips.


Lastly remember, though it is a digital era, a tangible piece of marketing, especially something like this, that has enough scope to be beautified and marketed cleverly, always remains unique in its own way. Bulk emails may be deleted, but a pretty postcard may just be turned over and looked for its whereabouts.


Besides, many people (mostly the elderly) still work without a computer and the net. While web advertisements and promotional emails have a large reach over people otherwise and a postcard’s reaches out more to the local crowd, it can be a lot more concentrated in choosing the target audience, and ensures you don’t miss out on the population that won’t have anything to do with the net.

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