Unless the real estate brokerage mandates that you have the business card template, you need to start mixing the things up and thus, you can get crazy with your business card marketing. Your business cards need to look different from other realtor’s and agent’s business cards.


When the prospects see inside of a house after you have shown it, their eyes require to go straight to yours to all the business cards sitting on the table. When you hand a business card to someone in the grocery store, you need to make them want to frame it and hang it above the bed.


There’s so much which you can think of when it comes to the business card marketing ideas. It’s hard to look different, but there are various options in order to make it work. Most of the realtors and agents use a white background for the business card. The option is to just switch off the color.


Use Background of Your Business Card

Most of the realtors and agents use a white background for their business card. Another option is to just switch the color. Go yellow or orange, or purple, or green or neon. You need to make it standout. Don’t mix these all the colors for the promotion of your brand. Never be afraid to be different. You need to make sure that it line up with your brand which you are trying to convey to your prospects.


A simple business card marketing idea is to change the style of the font. Make sure that the color of the font goes with your background of the business card. You need to play with style.  Your profile picture can use a face lift too. You are beautiful just the way you are. You can give a different picture of yourself.


How about the picture of you with the client? You need to be creative and think out of the box. You can put the picture which your prospects will remember in future. What do you have at the backside of your business card? Is it blank? Do you have any tacky phrase?  You can give so for rapid business card marketing in a unique way.


Instead of a blank backside or a tacky phrase, you can offer a free report about something if they go to the site and fill their name and email in your box? You can also offer:


  • ‘Free 7-Day e-Course on Selling Your Home in 21 Days’
  • ‘Free 10-Minute Interview with Your Town’s Realtor’
  • ‘8 Ways to Avoid Selling Below the Listing Price’
  • ‘3 Tips on How to Sell Your Home’


Give the prospects a reason to go with your business card. That’s the point of the business card marketing technique. You need to make them want to know more about you. Don’t let them think that you are the same as the other agents in the market. The favorite way to enhance your business is card marketing. This is awesome and you can see any realtors or agents doing this. What’s there printed on the business card? Does it feel like the semi-durable card stock that you always see? Do you think that the business card