Postcard printing and sending generally comes with a month’s contract for services, so these are great tools to send out a timely message, for example, a discount period that comes with a close deadline.

Use Them Multiple Times

Though post cards are mostly used as advertisements for services, they can be used for multiple purposes. Use them to announce new products, discounts and sale, for cut out coupons, entry pass to an event or even as a gift certificate.

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Unless the real estate brokerage mandates that you have the business card template, you need to start mixing the things up and thus, you can get crazy with your business card marketing. Your business cards need to look different from other realtor’s and agent’s business cards.

When the prospects see inside of a house after you have shown it, their eyes require to go straight to yours to all the business cards sitting on the table. When you hand a business card to someone in the grocery store, you need to make them want to frame it and hang it above the bed. read more