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  • Always include bleeds in your color copies

Bleeds are the extension of the colors and images that are located at the edges of the paper. When the color copies are being trimmed, it is possible that machine might trim off a little more or a little less than the limits. You can apply a border to your color copies but if the trimming is not done perfectly then the borders will look misaligned and awkward.

Moreover, borders do not look as attractive as bleeds. Bleeds will ensure that your images, colors and the overall design are stretched to the extreme edges of your paper. Even if the trimming is incorrect, you color copies will not look misaligned as there will not be any borders to judge the alignment with. An extra of 0.25 inches should be given to each dimension to allow for the bleeds. read more

Greeting cards have a very long history for over 500 years. These greeting cards can be evolved from the hand-painted parchment vellum sheets are presented for the special events and also as the tokens of appreciation in the modern day. The Chinese, Egyptians and the medieval Europeans have exchanged their good wishes for the New Year. Nowadays, greeting cards have become a big bu8siess that is run by the large corporations. Till now, they haven’t lost their appeal. Whether it’s a special event or a birthday, wedding or anniversary or just the thank-you card, the get-well-soon card or the fun card to say sorry, hello or the best wishes, the greeting card says everything. read more

You can provide in-depth information about the event that you are going to host. Include the name, venue and the time of the event along with the price of the ticket. In case of themed events, you can indicate the theme of the activity that you are hosting. It’s advisable to print EDDM postcard prints that authenticated.